Motorcycle Gear That Can Prevent You From Accident

Troy De Baca had ridden for at least 20 years after his whole world had changed. The experience was such a nightmare that the motorcyclist of long ago was afraid to touch his bike. But instead of letting fear overcome him, De Baca woke up and tried to find a cure. However, he is just a biker who believes in a high-tech remedy for this serious motorcycle crash cases and regular business.

Signal Wear

This innovative equipment includes a turn signal on the back of a rider’s glove to increase the rider’s visibility. The signal box connects to a bike’s rotation signal and communicates with the gloves while riding.

Roame Zeros

Motorcyclists have many products aimed at their safety, but some are bulky. That’s why the manufacturers of Roame Zeros have created their distinctive motorcycle shoes. These shoes are made for comfort and safety. It would be a challenge to get hurt while wearing the shoes, but the manufacturers haven’t stopped there. They have included brake lights and indicators on the boots, including a new dimension of safety kicks.

Brake Free

brakes The next piece of technology on the list is BrakeFree. BrakeFree finds that when you brake, using an algorithm so you don’t have to attach it to your bike. This means that when you push the wheels, go down, or set the engine brake, BrakeFree is activated so that riders know you are braking.

Cosmo Connected

It connects to your phone via Bluetooth, and when you enter a wreck, it can send a text message with your location to crisis service providers or anyone you specify.

Sena 20S

It states that connecting to other Senna headsets allows drivers to talk to each other while driving. But that’s not the only trick this device does. It can also be connected to your smartphone to send audio streams and receive phone calls on the road.



This incredible piece of technology built into a helmet also acts as a warning screen. You can read your speed or maybe use the device’s built-in GPS for navigation. This way, drivers can never be dropped, but don’t have to stop to view a map safely. This device also connects to a phone, transmits sound, and takes photos or videos while driving.

These devices not only improve passenger visibility but also increase driver comfort. But it remains to be seen whether these modern wonders will enhance the safety of motorcyclists.