Drug Lyrica

What are the side effects of the Drug Lyrica

Lyrica is a broad spectrum painkiller which used in the treatment and management of pain-related diseases and medical conditions.

What are the side effects of the drug Lyrica (3)

Due to its broad spectrum nature, Lyrica is utilized in the treatment of pain related diseases caused by various medical conditions such as nerve damage, shingles infection, fibromyalgia, spinal code injuries and different types of seizures.

Just like any other drug in the market, Lyrica comes with side effects.

So, what are the side effects of the drug Lyrica?

Lyrica Side Effects

-Drowsiness is a common side effect in quite a number of medicines and Lyrica is no different. In most cases, patients under Lyrica complain of a light head, way too much sleep and lethargy.

The good thing about drowsiness is the fact that it can be controlled and managed.

It’s therefore highly advisable to take Lyrica with food as this will help in managing drowsiness.
-Constipation is another common side effect associated with Lyrica ingestion.

Patients under Lyrica treatment are always advised to drink lots of water during the day as this will help in reducing the chances of being constipated.
-The combination of Lyrica and anticonvulsants has been found to cause mild to severe depression to some individuals.

Suicidal thoughts and mental disturbances are common in patients under anticonvulsants and Lyrica.

With this in mind, it’s highly advisable especially to patients under anticonvulsants to always tell their doctor or pharmacists before they can administer or recommend Lyrica.
-Though not common, blurred vision is another side effect that should be taken seriously and reported immediately.

The presence of blurred vision usually indicates a serious underlying condition which may have been triggered by Lyrica. It’s therefore highly advisable to cease using Lyrica and consult your health practitioner immediately.

-Allergic reactions such as rashes, swelling and difficulty in breathing have also been reported in some individuals.

Though not common, any sign of the above allergic reactions should be reported immediately.


What are the side effects of the drug Lyrica (2)Always let your medical practitioner know if you have any underlying medical condition or if you are under any medication.

Though some of these side effects are “normal”, serious side effects such as confusion and blurred vision should be reported immediately, and intake of the drug ceased with immediate effect. Prompt medical attention is also highly recommended.

So, what are the side effects of the drug Lyrica?

A point to always note is that different patients experience different side effects.

It’s therefore highly advisable to always consult your medical practitioner if the above or any other new side effects arise after taking Lyrica.